From the worst of flooding comes the best from the Gibbon Area Relief Fund

Immediately after the flood relief efforts began in Gibbon after the storm and flooding, Gibbon City Councilman Jeff Burmood and Gibbon Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Rick Brown began discussing that the men and women of the Gibbon Volunteer Fire Department were saddled with taking on the extra responsibilities of accepting, sorting and distributing donated items in addition to the responsibilities in the community that they inherited in the wake of the storm. With the addition of Gibbon Baptist Church Pastor Jon Wymer, an informal group, the Gibbon Area Relief Fund (GARF), was formed.

Pastor Wymer explained, “The fire department has its role, and Rick, from the governmental side, is the commander so he’s in charge of any resources coming in. But on the flip side, there is stuff that really shouldn’t have been on his plate, all of those things that people are trying to do to help.” The group began matching up donated items with people’s needs. “It was chaos, basically,” he added.


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