Clipper 2021 post COVID plan

Postage increases in January and future production challenges are forcing an increase in subscription rates for our customers.

Annual postage rates and uncertain production cost increases have forced the Clipper to increase the annual subscription rates beginning March 1, 2021.

The Clipper is mailed through the postal service to each subscriber, from local in county zip codes, and all around the nation. In January, postal rates rose for most of our delivery customers.

As much as we want to keep our subscription rates as low as we can, an increase is the only way to continue to produce and deliver the Clipper each week to our print customers.

Print rates

The new annual rates for our local and out-of-area print subscribers will be $54.00 for subscribers in Hall, Howard, Buffalo, Adams, and Kearney counties and for all other subscribers, the rate will be $70.00 for a year of delivery.

All print subscribers also receive a free eClipper version of the newspaper. This is a replica of the printed version emailed to you to view on any computer or mobile device. To receive this feature, paid print customers must register on our website.

eClipper rate

If a subscriber wants only the eClipper, customers must register and pay online from our website. The cost of a eClipper subscription will remain just $30.00 for a year. Advantages of receiving the eClipper is the speed of email delivery, which is every Wednesday afternoon, viewing quality with most pictures in color, and the lower annual cost. Many think this is the direction future newspapers will be going to deliver more timely news.

Production changes

Production of the Clipper is done at the Shelton office, but the printing site has changed. Due to uncertainty of printing dates and times in the coming year, the Clipper management secured another local printing facility that will allow the staff, and public, to keep existing deadlines and production schedules the same.

2021 and beyond

Over the last decade, newspapers across the state and nation have changed to keep up with technology and public needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has also wreaked havoc on newspapers, as well as every business that supports them. As more local businesses close due to retirement or to COVID-19 regulations, other means of business income must be sought. Fewer businesses mean fewer advertisers that support the news content and production of the newspaper.

The Clipper does offer a wide variety of printing services. From business cards to full color posters to newsletters and small booklets, the Clipper can do custom printing in-house or to be sent out.

142 years and counting

Local news is happening every day, how we deliver it is constantly changing. The Clipper newspaper has survived over 142 years of growth and change, but the goal remains the same, covering the lives and towns of our people.

Let’s all buckle up for the rollercoaster ride we will call 2021.

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