Little Buffalo Adventure Center daycare coming to Gibbon

A new daycare facility, utilizing the former Hearthside Cottage building and grounds, is planning to open this summer by husband and wife team Scott and Lonna Pickel.

“People have talked for a long time about the need for childcare in Gibbon,” Mrs. Pickel began. “We have some great inhome daycares but they’re full nearly year round. We no longer have an afterschool program and those parents have struggled to find care for their children when the school day is over. I’ve been telling people for awhile that someone needed to open a daycare center in the building. It’s the perfect space. So when Jennifer Samuelson posted about it on Facebook, we decided to take it on ourselves! The building was originally an assisted living center. It was in use fairly recently so it’s in really good shape. Every time we drove by the building I told my husband or anyone listening it would make the perfect daycare center. When Jennifer posted a video of the space a couple months ago I asked to stop in and look. I left the building and immediately called my mom to tell her we needed to open it as a daycare center. I messaged Jennifer that night and it’s just kept rolling ever since. The location is ideal. It’s just a little over a block from the school and only a mile or so from the interstate and highway. We’re near the library and a couple of parks. The center is right off of Court Street so it’s really easy to get to.” Mr. and Mrs. Pickel own the business together and she plans to manage the center as well.


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