Being resourceful with resources

One of the many goals of elected officials in any community is to see their community grow and prosper. A tool now being used by many Nebraska communities to better themselves is declaring sections of their “blighted and substandard,” which may bring forth connotations of run down, neglected buildings or lots in a given area of a community. That isn’t necessarily the case, though.

According to Gibbon City Administrator Chris Rector, blighted and substandard is defined by the state as an area of a certain age. He said there is no set designation of a substandard nature. “If a building is fifty years old it falls into that category,” he explained. “It could be the nicest place in the world but if it has a certain age to it, it can still have that classification.” Properties may or may not appear “run down” in a blighted area. Rector added that communities must have structures included in the blighted area which can contain vacant lots, but not just bare ground. He added that in addition to Blighted and Substandard Redevelopment Area #2, which was designated blighted and substandard and in need of redevelopment at the Gibbon City Council’s February meeting, the area that Cargill’s expansion project is on and the entire Highway 30 corridor through town has been designated as a redevelopment area.


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