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Kearney native Kristin Tripe and a crew assembled from across the country spent several days in Shelton , Saturday, June 2 through Tuesday, June 5, filming what Tripe calls “a coming of age drama about three women living in small town Nebraska.” The story is an adaptation of a subplot taken from Willa Cather’s 1913 novel O Pioneers!

Tripe, who now lives in Los Angeles, earned her master of fine arts degree in acting two years ago from the California Institute of the Arts after attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha, said that Shelton was chosen to film in Shelton because, “We wanted the story to take place in a small town and everybody in Shelton was really supportive of letting us use their property, like K and K, the Motor Inn, Larry’s Market, the Gaylord Meyer home and others. It’s just the perfect size of town for the story and we just loved the way the main streets looked with all the bricks and the store fronts are really beautiful in a small town way.” She also said that she knows members of the Spellman family of Shelton.

Describing the plot of the film a little more in depth, Tripe related, “It’s about a young woman who has just graduated from college and returns to her home town and is trying to figure out what is next for her life. She’s making peace with her past, working through issues with her sister, working through some feelings she has for her childhood best friend and the pace of the film really reflects the pace of life in a small town which, I’ve always loved the pace of life here. It’s much slower than a place like New York City and Los Angeles.”


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