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Shelton Athletic Hall of Fame

Shelton Athletic Hall of Fame

The Shelton Athletic Hall of Fame board of directors would like to introduce you to the . . .

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Gibbon Tractor Pull, Brick Street Festival are Friday, Saturday



Gibbon Tractor Pull, Brick Street Festival are Friday, Saturday

The annual Gibbon Tractor Pull is slated to be held this Friday, August 11, on the west edge of Gibbon and the Gibbon Brick Street Festival will be held on Saturday. See this week's Shelton Clipper for more information on both events!

Reporter, Sunbeam and Clipper have combined into one

Counting on our communities

Clipper will continue to lean on communities to supply news ideas and assistance

By Steve Glenn

When community newspapers thrive, it’s because of community input. Our towns are blessed to have community minded citizens who take their time to serve on volunteer boards, fire departments, church events, committees and donate time to school activities. These same people are consistent contributors to their local newspaper. There is no better place to celebrate successes than in the hometown newspaper. Printed weekly, but archived forever.
Through the quarter century of publishing, I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with many contributors to our newspapers. Some continue to mail in their news, or have graduated to emails. Some, unfortunately have passed. Each one has the same goal in mind. Share the good things happening in their town. From club news, to a basketball victory, sharing good things that people do and accomplishments are worth printing. We continue to encourage our readers, church leaders, school sponsors and coaches and to submit their items to us. The more information that you submit, the more impressive your article will be for all communities to read.
As we step into a new era with the Clipper, our towns will share their accomplishments with the others. Most church and social news has been shared for many years. City and village news, and school news will soon be common conversations for all subscribers, no matter the geographical boundaries. More and more families, including my own, have settled in surrounding towns like Gibbon, Shelton and Wood River. Now, with the new era of the Clipper, we will all know the news from each town, without having to subscribe to another newspaper. Knowing when your grandchilds’ school concert, or other activities are happening in one of the other towns will be as easy as flipping a page.
Families have become more mobile, with jobs in Grand Island or Kearney, or other nearby communities. It is the Clipper’s hope that our subscribers who do work out of their hometowns, will frequent stores such as grocery stores or gas stations in their hometowns because they saw items advertised in the Clipper. 
The community of Ravenna is searching for someone to take over their hometown newspaper due to unfortunate circumstances. Concerned citizens and local leaders have been making contacts throughout the industry and area seeking a buyer. A recent letter to the editor to the Ravenna News had some very interesting comments about what the communities that the newspaper serves will be losing. No more local and regional social events, births, deaths and other historic events of the area. Local and regional sports events and reports, meaning fewer scrapbooking options and memories to look back at. No more local or regional advertising options. The author also listed local businesses that they wondered would be next to close.  
When the Cairo Record ceased to publish a couple of years ago, the Sunbeam was fortunate enough to acquire the subscribers and advertisers from the Cairo, Boelus and Dannebrog area to continue to share their local news, events and school activities.
In this day and age of “what’s next,” it is nice to know that you will still have your hometown newspaper to tell you what’s next and what has happened.

Shelton Annual Fireworks Show Still Accepting Donations

The 2017 Shelton Fireworks Show proved be another “Small Town Spectacular” that rivals any big town blowout! The fireworks show was viewed by spectators from surrounding communities from near and far. Donations are still being accepted at area businesses as well as at the banks in Shelton, Gibbon, and Wood River. Donations can be mailed to: “Shelton Fireworks Fund” at PO Box 639, Shelton NE 68876. A “standard” contribution is $25, but any amount is appreciated. Thanks to all for contributing and making this a long standing tradition. Each year is a new year that creates a memory of a lifetime for our youth. Once this year’s goal is met, the remainder of the funds will go toward the 2018 show.



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